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Credit Card Collection Defense

If you have been sued for past-due credit card, The Law offices of Griselda Torres can help you. With years of experience in defending consumers in credit card and debt defense lawsuits, we are qualified to help assess your situation and come up with a personalized strategy to defend, negotiate or settle your debt.
Debt negotiation provides a process for the creditor and debtor to arrive at a solution that decreases the amount owed and resolve the debt
Petition Paper — California Bankruptcy Attorney in Fresno, CA
Debt settlement is the process that allows a debtor to engage in negotiations with creditors in order to pay off all debt at significantly less than what was originally owed.
Stop worrying and contact The Law offices of Griselda Torres. We will protect your legal and financial rights during credit card collection attempts.
"Griselda Torres is an excellent lawyer with a tremendous knowledge. I felt at ease from the first minute of talking to her. She answered all my questions, erased all my fears. Griselda suggested to wait a few months before filing, I'm glad I did, because the final outcome came fast and I could not be happier. I recommend her to anyone who is thinking about bankruptcy. She is an expert in her field! Thank you Griselda!"