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Credit Card Collection Defense

If you have been sued for unpaid credit cards or other bills, the Law Office of Griselda
Torres can help you. We’re here to make sure you aren’t at the mercy of aggressive
creditors or dishonest debt collectors. With years of experience in defending consumers
in credit card and other debt defense lawsuits, we are qualified to help assess your
situation and come up with a personalized strategy to defend, negotiate or settle your
debt. It all starts with an initial consultation.

couple shaking hands with lawyer

What Is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is the process that allows a debtor to engage in negotiations with creditors in order to pay off all debt at significantly less than what was originally owed.

Stop worrying and contact the Law Office of Griselda Torres. We will protect your legal and financial rights during credit card collection attempts.

Helping Clients Rebuild Their
Lives One Case at a Time